Prefabricated, bio-absorbable implantable mesh embedded with TheraSeed® or AgX100® for permanent implantation

  • Provides a flexible brachytherapy platform that may be contoured to implant surfaces
  • Low energy brachytherapy seeds with rapid dose fall off to minimize dose to normal structures
  • TheraSeed – Pd 103: 16.9 day half life; 20-23 keV principle energy
  • AgX100 – I 125: 59.4 day half life; 27-35 keV principle energy
  • An alternative delivery system for radiotherapy to tumor beds1
  • May be suitable for anticipated close surgical margins and where other treatment options are limited1
  • May be advantageous when the target volume is irregular and complex and critical normal structures are adjacent to the tumor implant2
  • Permanent implant allows for a higher total radiation dose to be delivered to the target volume2
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1Fairweather M, Wang, J, Devlin P, et al. Safety and efficacy of radiation dose delivered via Iodine-125 brachytherapy mesh implantation for deep cavity sarcomas. Ann Surg Oncol (2015) 22:1455–1463
2Devlin P, (ed), Brachytherapy Applications and Techniques, Second Edition, Demos Medical Publishing, LLC, New York, NY (2016)

TheraMesh is only approved for use in the U.S.A.


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